Ifr safety pilot log book

Use it for recording aircraft information, flight conditions and route. Safety pilot guide purdue university college of engineering. Learn to fly, become a pilot at rod machados aviation. So then the name of the safety pilot is required every time you are flying in vmcsimulated instrument flight per 91. In this video well go over how both pilots in an airplane can log pic time and be able to share the costs while building time together and logging simulated instrument. Hood time safety pilot in vmc, in a vfr only airplane. Unfortunately for us pilots, the faa does a very poor job of explaining exactly what a safety pilot is, and how a safety pilot can log hours while doing so. This is a guide that will hopefully make it very clear. Just to throw it out there to cover the bases, your cfii is already putting hisher name in your logbook for the lesson if you did hood work. The faa found a solution to this problem by creating the safety pilot. Instrument training glasses foggles so how do you log time flown as a safety pilot. Instrument rating training, safety pilot logbook, safety. How to both log pic time under the hood sim instrument.

You can become a pilot and learn to fly with rod machado. By an instrument flight instructor cfii when acting as an instrument flight instructor in actual instrument weather conditions. When is the name of the safety pilot required in logbook. In this circumstance, the safety pilot is required by. Enjoy the top quality in the industry with this professional pilot log book from jeppesen. If simulated ifr conditions, you must log the location and type of each instrument approach and the name of the safety pilot or cfii.

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