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The list also includes four air force crosses, one step below the medal of honor, plus 21 silver stars and over 1,900 bronze stars. List of bronze star recipients the american war library. A number of bronze star medals with the v device were awarded to veterans of. The bronze star medal is awarded to any person who, after december 6, 1941, while serving in any capacity with the armed forces of the united states, distinguishes himself or herself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight. The bronze star medal is a united states decoration awarded to members of the united states. The back bears the inscription heroic or meritious achievement and a space to ingrave the recipients name. The decoration could be awarded for the discribed heroic actions, not sufficient to be awarded the silver star or for meritorious actions or meritorious acting of. How to find a list of all the bronze star recipients quora. Unit personnel documents, such as general orders announcing the award of certain decorations distinguished service crosses, silver stars, bronze stars, etc. Vice president joe biden awards a bronze star to staff sgt. This medal, variously called the kandahar bronze star, the roberts star or the. Cross, and silver star can be found at the dod gwot valor awards page.

Awards and decorations statistics by conflict army hrc. Flying cross, navy and marine corps medal, bronze star medal. The bronze star medal is awarded to any person who, after december 6, 1941, while serving in any capacity with the armed forces of the united states. Is there a list of bronze star recipients from afghanistan. The bronze star medal is awarded for heroic or meritorious achievement or service. The air force awarded 2,425 bronze stars and 21 silver stars from march 2002 to august 2004 for the iraq and afghanistan wars.

In the middle there can be found another bronze star with a diametre of 316 inch 4,8 mm. Is there a list of bronze star recipients from the vietnam. The first war to track the v device separately was vietnam with 170,626 bsms with valor and 549,343 for achievementservice. All radials in the centre of both stars continue in one each other. Many federal agencies also have additional awards for which their own. In addition to those, there were only 2,459 awarded for valor.

Czech soldiers in afghanistan awarded bronze star medals. A bronze v for valor was awarded when the bronze star was received for heoism in. These numbers are a compilation of aggregated wartime awards reports submitted. This is a complete list of united states soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who were awarded the medal of honor, distinguished flying cross, distinguished service cross, or navy cross in the iraq war in anbar province. So far 10 september 2008 there have been 66,400 bronze stars for serviceachievement and 1,900 bronze stars for valor awarded for oif by the army. Miles foltz in konar province, afghanistan, where foltz received a bronze star for valor for braving taliban fire to.

Somebody decided that it would be a great idea to award the bronze star medal to every soldier who served in a war zone. A little reward as a result, hundreds of clerks, barrac. Now operation iraqi freedom, from 2003 to 2010, saw 99,886 bronze star medals awarded in oif for achievementservice. How many bronze star recipients are there for service in. Joe biden tells a moving but false war story as he campaigns for.

Here youll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, kindle ebooks, audible audiobooks, and so much more. While there is no complete list compiled of bronze stars awarded during vietnam, medals awarded may be looked. The two airmen, who had received the medals in march 2012, had been finance ncoics in medical units deployed to the war in afghanistan. Approximately 83,200 bronze stars for serviceachievement and 2,900 bronze stars for valor.

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