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It didnt quite work for various reasons that this book details, but it is a fascinating journey. While what was happening elsewhere in the ford empire and in the private life of the man himself was interesting, i wasnt always entirely sure that it pertained. Take a kit home for your book club today kits are located on the low shelves behind the adult reference desk. The story of fordlandia itself is pretty simple but at the same time the book is wellresearched and there are a lot of interesting snippets and asides to keep the readers interests. At fordlandia the few ageing residents still hope that somehow the spirit. The last character designates which design engineering office is responsible for the component. The rise and fall of henry fords forgotten jungle city by greg grandin. Discussion questions use our litlovers book club resources. The failure of fords jungle utopia henry ford didnt just want to be a maker of cars he wanted to be a maker of men.

Fordlandia was meant to be the place that would supply henry fords rubber insufficiencies back in the states. We appreciate your suggestions for titles youd like to see, let us know. So until now there hasnt been a booklength treatment. The journalist walter lippmann identified in henry ford, for all his peculiarity, a common strain of primitive americanism. It is advised that readers finish the book prior to engaging these questions. Ford paid the indigenous workers good wages and supplied various amenities he also imposed foreign work traditions and behavioral restrictions which the workers resented. His fordlandia project in brazil is an interesting study of ford as a. I found the book surprisingly wellwritten and easy to engage, wanting to read more and more. Gandin, an nyu professor of latin american history, offers the thoroughly remarkable story of henry fords attempt, from the 1920s through 1945, to transform part of brazils amazon river.

Abi book discussion kit 4 book discussion questions use this book discussion kit to further examine the new jim crow. Exquisitely photographed and astonishing beautiful quilts. The ford motor company grew steadily to become one of the greatest and most profitable companies the world over that even survived the great depression. The story addressed by the film begins in 1927, when the ford motor company attempted to establish rubber plantations on the tapajos river, a primary tributary of the amazon. One of the things that captivated my attention is that its such a clash of opposites. Quiltmania book primarily quilts by di ford features vintage. How to discuss a book helpful discussion tips generic discussion questionsfiction and nonfiction readthinktalk a guided reading chart also consider these litlovers talking points to help get a discussion started for fordlandia. Fordlandia tells the story of henry fords settlement in the amazon, a model of inept planning and design. Kits are listed in the catalog as ldquo book group kits rdquo and may be. Kevin rushby enjoys the cautionary tale of one mans. Site includes hours, services, and link to online catalog. Regular print book discussion kits genre list available at kdla updated 101817. Bungalows with modern plumbing and screened windows. Book discussion sets the library has a number of sets of books available for discussion groups.

All you have to do is gather the friends and open the book. Fordlandia part two chapters 9 23 flashcards quizlet. Dive deep into greg grandins fordlandia with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Governor bentes ordered the lake ormoc, a decommissioned ship purchased in 1925 by ford which was sent to the river rouge factory to be rebuilt with a diesel motor, a machine shop, and a water distillation plant this ship ran as the new base ship until fordlandia became up and running to ship supplies. Luxury hotels including 5 star hotels and 4 star hotels and cheap fordlandia hotels with best discount rates and uptodate hotel deals are both available in separate.

Apr 27, 2010 greg grandin is the author of fordlandia, empires workshop, the last colonial massacre, and the awardwinning the blood of guatemala. While what was happening elsewhere in the ford empire and in the private life of the man himself was interesting, i wasnt always entirely sure that it pertained to the main story all that much. A book lovers dreaman ambitiously researched, elegantly written book that serves as a portal into a place of history, drama, culture, and stories star tribune, minneapolis, susan orleans thrilling journey through the stacks reveals how these beloved institutions provide much more than just booksand why they remain an. Few people are aware that henry ford tried to build the worlds largest rubber plantation on the banks of the amazon river. University of louisville anne braden institute for social. On the one hand you have henry ford, who reduced industrial production to its simplest component with the assembly line. We have everything you need for your book clubs next meeting. The industrialists conviction that he could make the world conform to his will was founded on a faith that success in economic matters should, by extension, allow capitalists to try their hands with equal success at every other occupation. From 19281945, the ford motor company built the fordlandia and belterra plantations in. A large book full of interesting information on the model a, originally published by floyd clymer and leslie clymer henry in 1959, republished. Fordlandia was, ultimately, the classic american parable of a failed utopia, of soft dreams running aground on a hard worldwhich tends to make the most compelling tale of all. Fordlandia, as the settlement was called, quickly became the site of an epic clash.

List of books and articles about ford motor company online. Dec 23, 2010 this massive project, well researched and chronicled in this book, is a peek into the world of how henry ran things. Well written account of a forgotten chapter of industrial historygrandin effectively underscores how fordlandia is also the story of fords own. With fordlandia, greg grandin, a professor of history at new york university, tells a haunting story that falls squarely into this tradition. The cambria county library serves residents of johnstown and cambria county, pennsylvania. Monday night book club cary memorial library, lexington. Many kits have suggested discussion questions and author biographies. Even by pregreen standards, the arrogance and ignorance is shocking.

On the other hand, you have the amazon, which has some of the most diverse and complex ecology on the planet. It centers on when henry ford, the richest man in the world in 1926, bought a massive tract of land in the brazilian amazon. Handy bag many kits have suggested discussion questions and author biographies. Jackson district library makes holding a book discussion as easy as checking out a kit. All book discussion items have a 6week loan period. However, there was a novel written about fordlandia fordlandia. Fordlandia was his vision of putting the american suburbs in the brazilian jungle. Plantation manager john rogge with young rubber trees in. But henry ford wanted this community called fordlandia to be more than just a huge plantation. The plan was to harvest the rubber and ship it back to detroit, where it would be turned into tires and other parts for ford cars. Ford motor company is a worldwide business empire worth billions of dollars.

The kit is checked out to one group member who is responsible for all the materials. Lincoln at the gates of history by charles bracelen flood. Fordlandia henry fords forgotten jungle city failure. The rise and fall of henry fords forgotten jungle city is a nonfiction book by american author and professor greg grandin, first published in 2010. Each set includes eight copies of the book, as well as a folder with potential discussion questions, all in a convenient bag. Mar 11, 2014 fordlandia a city henry ford built in the amazon with the intention of producing rubber. John rogge and one year old rubber tree, fordlandia, brazil, 1931. On one side was the car magnate, lean, austere, the man who reduced industrial production to its simplest motions. Book club kits winnipeg public library city of winnipeg. While striving, ruthlessly at times, to increase the pace of production he implemented forced speedups of production lines he also wanted to preserve american values, such as agricultural ways, selfsufficiency, and oldtime. The kits include multiple copies of the book and a discussion guide.

Take a look at the book club kits in our catalogue to find the right one for you and your book club. Sawmill, firehouse and water tower in fordlandia, brazil, historical images via the henry ford. Kits are listed in the catalog as ldquo book group kits rdquo and may be placed on hold like any other item. A history of race and nation duke university press, 2000, a twocentury history of the development of mayan nationalism, was awarded the latin american studies associations bryce wood award for most outstanding book published in english in the humanities and social sciences on latin america. We suggest that the book be read intentionally, with the idea of broadly analyzing its key concepts. Greg grandin is the author of empires workshop, the last colonial massacre, and the awardwinning the blood of guatemala. Written, directed and produced by marcos colon, beyond fordlandia 2017, 75 min presents an environmental account of henry fords amazon experience decades after its failure. This book tells the story of henry fords ambitious, well intentioned yet disastrous attempt to embed a slice of 1920s main street america into the heart of the brazilian amazon. Book club kits are a resource for book clubs wanting the convenience of a prepackaged kit in a bag. For example, r3 is mustang, h7 is fseries short cab, l3 is f150250. He began shipping machinery and supplies to the amazon in 1928. The timeframe is a little after new years after the ratification of the land grant.

Mar 20, 2010 fordlandia was the prefabricated town at the heart of a rubber plantation deep in brazils amazonian hinterland, intended to supply tyres for the ford car companys north american factories. There is a fair amount of detailed information contained within the part. Press room overview press releases media kits general information, broll, photos. The rise and fall of henry fords forgotten jungle city by greg grandin kevin rushby enjoys the cautionary tale of one mans plans for a workers paradise.

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